Sunday, April 26, 2015

Celebrating a Decade

By any measure ten years is a long time. In the technology world ten years is multiple product lifecycles. Technological empires have risen and fallen, Bebo came and went. So did Myspace(ish). Digg dugg. Mobile phones went from simple button based bricks with endless batteries to tiny supercomputers that last a couple of hours. There's no point in rehashing the list; We've lived it. Humankind has progressed faster in the last decade, for better and worse, then in the prior hundred years.[1]

It's in this context that Lennon & McCartney, a fellowship of authors and auteurs has existed. Sometimes standing against, sometimes flowing with the tide of time.

For a decade we have ceaselessly brought forth a collection of insights and sideways takes on the world that have brought pleasure, and sometimes pain, to millions.

It has been my personal honour to contribute to this library of thought. I can't speak for the others. I imagine they'd say the same.

Here's to another ten years.