Thursday, March 31, 2005

Just In

Bush Says Something-
President George W. Bush announced to a stunned assembly that "Science = stupid", in a speech at the White House, yesterday. This is another blow to the once revered scientific community who recently released the report- 'Thirteen things that do not make sense', which can be found here.
Scientists are unable to refute President Bushes allegations as he used a mathematical formula to communicate his claim. Maths, as you may not know, are infallible.
In a statement released earlier today, Sir Harem Sidel Mohammed, King of Science, said, "Don't listen to that Christian, he has a really small penis. The smallest of all the Presidents."
George Bush, not to be caught resting on his laurels, laughed this off reportedly saying to a White House official "His mother = Whore". Sir Mohammed, King of Science, has yet to respond, but recently has been fighting allegations of mixed parentage.

In Other News-
The Pope is undergoing some minor cosmetic surgery to correct a rare condition, in Rome today, called Egaryladitis, or "Nipples like monkey fingers" as it is more commonly know. The condition sprung up overnight, doctors suspect, as a side effect to medication he was taking for another similer condition "Belly button like baby nose", which is common among the papal. He is expected to make a full recovery within a week.

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  1. I had forgotten about it. You bastard. YOU BASTARD.

    Good point about the maths thing though. Mohammed got burned.