Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Am I twisted?

I was in college today. One of my lecturers, who is pushing on, was speaking about changing demographics and the fact that older people today have more expendable income than any previous generation. He was contrasting himself with his father and how he has more money at his current age than his father ever did. Then he went on to say "My father didn't even reach my age." I found this quite humourous and had to stifle a laugh.

Now my question to you, the majestic readers of this mighty blog, is am I twisted? Personally I don't think so but it appears that no one else in the class found this as funny as I did so that set alarm bells clanging in my super-cool brain.

Oh and by the way, our ever flamboyant regular contributor Rob is at an Interpol concert so we will be bereft of his...diverse posts untill tomorrow sometime.


  1. Twisted...


    I find myself laughing constantly with that lecturer at the weirdest times...

    I, like you ian, look around for support to see who else is laughing, but realise no one else saw "it"...

    After reading your blog and thinking more on it, I realise that, no, you and I are not twisted, we just happened to be listening to what he was saying and found it funny, while everyone else was thinking about something completely different (most likely, Jessica Alba)...

    So don't worry, you just paid too much attention to a senile old man for your own good...


  2. Same as the above.

    Interpol? b*stard.

  3. Yes Interpol, supported by Spoon. Yes a bastard.