Sunday, April 03, 2005

A Dream as Remembered the Morning After

Okay, I'm in London by myself, walking, when I see David Bowie. I'm not walking, I'm in a car. I ask for it to stop and I run over to Bowie. I beg for an autograph but he won't give one. Shoo's me away. I keep begging when another man asks as well but gives up easily. Bowie grants my wish and I hand him this note book [the notebook I wrote the dream into] and a novel, Alex Garlands The Tesseract. I mean for him to write in the note book but instead he rips two pages from the novel and writes an autograph for me and a friend, Jay. When I get the pages back I see he not only John Hancocked it but wrote reactions to phrases and bits of the novel. That's it- I don't know what it means.

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  1. I don't either, but I really like it. Alex Garland, David Bowie, i agree wholeheartedly.