Thursday, April 07, 2005

Infamous Robert

Our loyal and creative contributor, some would say mastermind, Rob had the incredible bounty of going to see Interpol, supported by Spoon, in the Olympia Theatre this evening but I feel it is my duty to report to all of the loyal viewers of this blog what has transpired on this sordid evening.

At exactly 12.36:27 a.m. I got a text message from Rob which simply said "We were kicked out for throwing drinks. Oh yea."

Hilarious, Rock and Roll, raucous, ignorant - the list of adjectives to describe this behaviour is endless but I felt it necessary that we all have this oppurtunity to peer more closely into the sometimes fascinating consciousness that is presented to us all by way of this blog.

Bravo Robert. I am in awe.


  1. Jesus Ian, stop sucking his fucking cock.


  2. fuck you Daly! I can't even get near his cock, he's too busy constantly trying to get your cock anywhere near him. For weeks I thought Karl Daly was his new imaginary friend. Imagine my surprise when I found out you were real.

  3. (I know this message may seem out of place but it's not)

    You're a sad little retard phant.