Friday, April 08, 2005

Papal Burial

As many of you know the pope was laid to rest today. Seemingly he was buried in a very traditional and somewhat obscure ceremony. A large 16th century cannon was set up in the centre of St. Peters Square, the Popes corpse, enrobed in papal trappings, was then stuffed into the barrel of the cannon. The fuse of the cannon was ignited by Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger. After a few moments the cannon discharged and the popes corpse was propelled over the city of Rome. The Popes body eventually landed in the Piazza Navona.

Tradition dictates that the popes body be buried where ever it may land so a small section at the northern end of the Piazza is currently being excavated to provide the pope with a some-what suitable resting place. Evidently there was a large increase in the numbers of people attending the psychological departments of the major Rome hospitals citing they had seen the pope flying over the city. It is expected that the pope will finally be laid to rest by late this evening . It is also expected that the Vatican will have to re-imburse the owners of a cafe at the northern end of the Piazza after their window and counter were destroyed by the airborne pontiff upon landing.


  1. Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger3:33 pm, April 08, 2005

    It was a lovely ceremony.

  2. Canonising at a very literal level. o__0