Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Sci Fi-tastic

Wow, two popes in one week. Superstitious, religious, fans of the Carvernous Cadavours must be freaking out right now.

Anyway I read recently that the latest series of Star Trek, Enterprise, has been cancelled after a run of 4 seasons. Yes, reason to celebrate in itself but theres more! Seemingly a group of trekkies (trekkers? I never know which...) got together to protest the cancellation outside Paramount studios but in a break from previous protests they didnt attend while dressed in all their Star Trek regalia, obviously they want to be taken seriously for once.

This isn't where the story ends though, seemingly they have have accepted that there will not be another season of Star Trek: Enterprise so instead have decided to make a reality TV show of their own. The trekkies of the worold have banded together and contributed to a central trek fund so that they can finance real life Star Trek. They are going to pay the Russians to blast 80 trek die hards into space on a collision course with Canis Major, the Galaxy nearest our own. On board their home-made enterprise they will have a Star-Bucks and McDonalds. There are provisional plans to steal 100 orphaned children from third world countries to ensure the longevity of the series. Everyone in TV-land and beyond is looking forward to this reality outing of the enterprise. Unfortuantely Patrick Stewart has not signed up for the series as he said he "Maybe be bald and sophisticated but I'm no mentally sub-normal, trek-fiend".

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