Sunday, April 03, 2005

Yeah, ok

So you have to stop eating cheese and fiddling with yourself before bed, Rob. I bet freud would say you're in love with your mother, or maybe since you dreamed of David Bowie, you're in love with your father. David Bowie is incredibly feminine though so who knows. He's not very talented either, if you ask me. He was good in that movie where he played a space man, that was mostly because he looks like he could be from another planet.

I'm thinking about flying to Rome and driving a wooden stake into the Pope to see what kind of reaction it gets. I am doubtful a stake will penetrate his immensely robust titanium alloy outer layer though, even if the stake is driven by my incredible undead killing strength. I grow wearysome of constantly hunting and exterminating the vaticans mistakes. Its not cool like in John Carpenters Vampires or Buffy The Vampire Slayer, I actually get hurt and shit. My shoulder is fucking itchy and I cant get to the exact spot. I need to take up yoga. Motherfucker.

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