Friday, May 13, 2005

Manifest Destiny

The universe explodes. It begins with a tiny beam of light, one that seems to intersect reality itself, cutting through time and space with ease. Almost instantaneously it multiplies in size. Flashing upwards like a pillar of white light, all the way to heaven. As it grows upwards, it expands, threatening to encompass entire planets. Then it stops. In a single instant it vanishes and it seems like the whole thing was a false alarm.

Then the sound comes. They say in space there is no sound – that it can’t travel through the vacuum, but nothing in the universe could stop this sound. This sound is like a clap of thunder, but is so deep that it’s barely audible at the start, then feels like it will crush your brain, like it just skipped past your ears into your mind.

At last the origin of the sound reveals itself – a point of light, which erupts endlessly in itself, trillions of times a second before the energy explodes out in every direction.

From my point in time and space this all seems so unreal. I am almost an infinity away from the centre of this event but I see it clearly. A spear of light flickered into the sky, then vanished. I could see the start of the sound shockwave and can see it even more clearly now as it races across the universe. I see planets knocked out of orbit, stars shaken to their very cores. Then I see the explosion. Through the shockwave it seems ethereal and unclear, but I know it is very real.

I shrink within myself. This is the end, not just for me, but for everything.

The explosion flares outwards at an unimaginable speed. It devours everything in its path. Immense black holes are annihilated in an instant, planets vanish beneath its power. Star systems crumble, entire galaxies start to collapse. Then it reaches the speed of light, and the destruction becomes muted as everything in its path seems to simply disappear, like some celestial being just decided to turn off the light for a while.

I stand to face oblivion, and then I begin to feel it – the emptiness of the dying universe. As though every being that should have had a chance to scream before it died is looking at me, waiting. And in that moment of emptiness, something sparks.

This spark is different to the ones I’ve felt before. It is hot, like rage, and just as intense but something has changed. It pounds frantically inside my chest, again like the rage. This is all so familiar, I can feel my throat being to contract.

The shockwave of sound grows ever nearer. The explosion is catching it at the speed of light. I realise that they will converge at my point – no other being in the universe will have so complete an oblivion.

I begin to lose control. The shockwaves bear down upon me. Involuntarily my mouth opens, to voice the rage of a whole universe of life. The roar is bestial and terrifying, it is all I can hear in my ears. Through it, the universe begins to fight back.

Time itself bends to my will. The survival instinct of every living thing flows at once through me. The vision of destruction before me begins to slow. Painfully, fitfully, like a dog struggling frantically against a leash, it grinds to a halt right in front of my face. I look at it, I feel like it’s looking at me. I reach forward to touch the edge of chaos. My hand passes through unscathed. Curiously I lean forward to look through.

At the other side a new universe glitters. Newly born planets and stars, new galaxies exist where old ones lay. New life starts to emerge. In this moment I have a choice - To accept the rebirth, or to reclaim the old reality. I reflect for a moment.

Now that the universe has seen the truth, I believe it understands. I let the future wash over me.


  1. This is how my exam went Rob.

  2. It was going badly until you accepted it and then it went well???
    Or it has nothing to do with your exam and you're just massaging your ego?

    Or, you just described one of my farts?

    Anyway, we passed each other on the road this morning on the way to college.

  3. Is everyone out of exams now?

  4. Yeah, when I first laid eyes on the paper I nearly just put it down and walked out of the room. I'd just like to make this point also: Fuck Euclid's Algorithm.

  5. Uclid's Algorithm is finding the greatest common divisor of two numbers for those who don't know.
    To do so, just replace the larger number by subtracting the smaller number from it.
    Yea, what was the question for that like. I'd imagine it would be prettu fucking hard.

  6. Robert how was your exam. What do you study?

  7. I study the noble art of Business marketing. A technique passed down through the ages, from father to son to son to son.
    In fact, it is written in the olden texts that King Arther, himself, studyed marketing. That is before he became a king... hur hur hur... of course.
    Yes, today I had the task of kicking ass in my management accounting exam. No one else felt up to the task of showing those stapled sheets of paper what for, saying shit like... "I'm to scared to battle against those ferocious sheets." And "I fear death by paper cut!"
    But I stood forward screaming "I FEAR NO PAPER EDGE!" all the while quaking in my boots as paper cuts killed my father.
    When I entered the exam hall, I could smell the rotting corpes of the defeated. "You shall not deter me from my duty as the chosen one", I said to nobody in particular.
    I sat down and examined the paper. Scrawled across it was my destiny, split into sixth questions, to answer four. Three hours later, sweating and dishevelled from the mighty wrestling match I had, comprised of two tiers and some mud slinging, I stumbled from the Hall of One Heroe (me) and claimed victory.
    "EVERYBODY CUT LOOSE" I screamed and the village did boogie on down.

  8. Yes I has to write a recursive rule to calculate Euclids Algorithm given a random variable input.

    Do-able, but not fucking fun.

  9. It's happening more and more often daly, that I have to insert some word you type and it.
    In this case it was recursive.
    "An expression, such as a polynomial, each term of which is determined by application of a formula to preceding terms."

  10. *cut loose, foot loose*

    excellent comment Rob. It should have been a post

  11. Yea, if it wasn't for all the mistakes I might have considered it. But, it's a still birth as it is.

  12. Yeah it's basically an idea where you try to perform an operation, but you can't get the answer immediately. Instead you peform the operation lots of times on ever decreasing problems until you get one simple answer... Then you reverse the process to scale the answer back up to the original question. It can be very complex if you don't understand exactly what's happening. It can also be complex when you do.

  13. Umm...

    I don't like exams, and when I have exams, I have the need to go to the toilet...

    I always go to the toilet before an exam, just common sense with my body, but today I had to REALLY go again during them exam...

    So up went the Hand! and this Mean bitch called an old hairy man to escort me to the toilet, actually he made some friendly chat along the way

    "How are you finding the exam" and stuff...

    He went to the the toilet, and I just could see myself standing up against the way, knowing, someone is standing behind me, waiting, while looking, for me to finish.

    Off to the cubicle...

    He Started to whisle, bear in mind i was just in an exam and was nervous enough, I found it hard to relax, but I managed eventually...

    He started to, what must have been some sort of tap dance outside, he didn't just tap every few seconds, he kept tapping alot, it was off putting and I couldn't continue pissing, until i took ANOTHER deep breath and let it flow...

    Alas, it was gone, Free and Light...

    I sat back down in the exam with a clear mind!

    Thats my contribution to the exam stuff, lol

  14. This comments are, for the most part, far too long. Fuck off.

  15. I'm watching an episode of South Park, it's the first episode featuring "Timmy" I am pissing myself laughing. I'm such a bastard.

  16. Ian, go to Bed, its too late