Friday, June 03, 2005


I ordered 5,000 men to their deaths. We used 15,000 bombs and still we only gained 7 miles of land. 7 miles. That is 715 men and 2,143 bombs per mile. How can I say this is a success? How can I encourage my men to commit to another action when they are likely to see their closest friends, their brothers in arms, slaughtered and maimed or worse lose their own lives? How can I look them in the eye and order them, not ask them, to charge back into combat and kill other human beings. This is ridiculous but it is what I have been tasked to do. It is for the greater good. The greater good? An interesting notion when you see young man after young mown down and know it is because of your orders. War – it must be done.


  1. Fuck I really like that show. Ricky is a funny fucker. Not to mention Bubbles.
    Man, I wish I got those episodes off you.

  2. maggots declare a holiay.

    this is depressing. but that is good thing as war is dperessing,.

    Who is bubbles?

  3. Rob, you still did not reply to my query on the Trailer Park Boys.

    Ian, war is hell.Someone once said that.It may or may not have been me.

    Is "bubbles" in the Trailer Park Boys?
    In this life their are only questions? Did i say that?

  4. Trailer Park Boys is a canadian docu-comedy, set in a trailer park and centering primarily around three fuck-ups, Ricky, Bubbles and Julian. There are other characters like Corey and Trevor who get bossed around like a couple of bitches and there's Officer Lahey, the park supervisor (or ex-supervisor) and his assisstant Randy, who is the guy with the quif and the gut.
    She's a funny show.

  5. War is Raw backwards. It is also a pointless exercise in demonstrating the idiocy of mankind.