Friday, June 24, 2005

Contempory Samaritan

I heard the thump of a body hitting the floor above my head tonight. I was woken up by the shouting and screaming of the couple upstairs. The man doesn’t live there, though. He only visits. But they fight more often than not and usually she gets hurt.
And I’m leaving my apartment, it’s the morning, when she creeps past going back up to her apartment. She has a black eye and is wearing a scarf even though it’s quiet warm.
“Hey, “I say, getting her attention, “Are you okay?” and I point to her eye.
“What, this?” she seems surprised I brought it up, “It’s nothing. Really. I fell over, hit it… I’m clumsy.”
“Yeah, I heard.” I reply.
We both say nothing for a second, just stand.
“Say, I’m going down to the shop for some milk, do you want anything since I’m going?”
“No, no, I’m okay. Thanks.”
“Are you sure? I mean I’m going anyway…” I force.
“Yea, yea, I’m good. But thanks. Really.”
And she returns upstairs.

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