Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Over View

Equipment stacked high on the table. Tapes and ribbons to the left. Screws and screwdrivers to the right. A monitor in the centre, showing graphs and other data. A white rabbit appears on the screen and nibbles at the viewer. Then, it bounces into the background. A carrot floats from left to right. My eyes follows it, but instead of stopping on the screen edge, they continue in a circle around the room. A wall covered in posters. The Evil Dead. Gomez. The White Stripes. Moloko. Hable Con Ella. Radiohead. The X Files. Two Large CD holders. Must Be three or four hundred CD’s. A couch, low on the ground. No Legs. A Bed. Gothic design. A window that has a view of the country. Fields and hills. Tapes and ribbons and the monitor again.

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