Tuesday, June 07, 2005


"Oh yeah? What about her tits?"


"Jesus. She's got shit tits. Even I'm offended by that turn of phrase."

"Well, she's a bad bird"

"What about the head?"

"Iffy, sometimes you look at her and think 'Hey, she's not bad', othewise - disaster"

"Christ. Why's he even going out with her?"

"I dunno, maybe she takes it in the shitter."

"Fuck. Really think so?"


"Damn, I dunno man, that's a pretty weak reason to go out with someone."

"Is it?"

"Nah, I guess not."




"Hey, maybe she's... I dunno... nice?"

"I hadn't thought of that. Yeah, I guess that makes sense. Wow. That's probably it."



"So what's on TV?"


  1. For a while there I thought this blog was just forgotten about...
    Yeah. You're back. Okay. Man, I need to write something.
    Good stuff, very funny. Everyone knows personality doesn't matter. Crazy.

  2. Not forgotten, just relaxing. I may crack another one off in short order. Then write another entry. WOOOOO.

  3. Yeah i didn't forget about it either, just relaxing too...

    But I gotta go for a few days and i have to talk to Beyoncé...

    I ordered the "I wanna rape beyoncé" t-shirt but it hasn't come yet and im leaving tomorrow, so I guess i won't be able to wear it, ah, shame...


  4. Well Phant, since the tshirt didn't arrive you're just going to have to take it up another notch...

    Write it in red lipstick on the tshirt you'll be wearing. Granted, you'll look like a mega-psycho, but how bad.

  5. The Bible is a bloody worthwhile read, no matter what the heathens say. Which verse was this?


  6. nah. she prolly just gives great head

  7. Well its good to see that the roumer that you cannot wright with out the pressure of exams is untrue. However as it was me that started them I’m a little upset that I was wrong! Still I look forward to the next story.