Monday, June 13, 2005


It doesn’t work. It never works. You know it doesn’t matter how many times you read it or turn it upside down, look at it from different angles or come back to it later after a nap and a cup of tea. It will not work. So, it is a pleasure when it happens by itself without your intervention. And you can sit back and laugh, or just smile, and wonder how does this happen? Just how can you do nothing but be rewarded so vigorously?
And while you enjoy the moment, you don’t care why but just when. When will this end and when will it happen again? When can you sit just like you are now and experience the same great feelings, the same muscles pulling at your mouth and the same tingle again? When all is said and done, you are just happy it happened even once. Because, with all of your poking, it might never have happened at all.


  1. What the fuck? Get a damn job, Rob.

  2. ??????
    i think i know what your on about but i also know im wrong