Thursday, June 09, 2005


To lose someone you never had. To love someone who didn’t love back. To see them every day, knowing that was all you would do together. To get close for a moment in the hall, her smell intoxicating. Euphoria for the briefest of moments but more than enough to last you a lifetime. To hear her laugh from a distance, enjoying a boys joke. A joke you wish you said, or bettered.

The last day. The final time, seeing her walk her special way. To see her hair blow in the wind and her smile, fragile and perfect. Her laugh as elusive as the wind. You don’t know yet, but tomorrow the change will kill you. Thoughts of her heavy on your mind, crushing your spine, widening your waist, thinning your hair, piercing your ears, turning your fingers crooked and your lips will curl downward forever more.

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