Friday, July 22, 2005


Monkeys have evolved beyond tree climbing primates into intellectually and spiritually advanced creatures capable of as much as, and even more than, humans. The Simian race has advanced beyond natural selection, like the humans before them, and has effectively removed them from the course of nature. They have created new technologies that focus on assisting Planet Earth in its waning attempt to regenerate it’s lost natural resources, such as fresh water. The Simians have assimilated themselves into human society expertly, and have even, in some areas, developed completely new social structures and languages.
Religion, now viewed as a mistake best kept in the past, has been completely eradicated. The antiquated notion that humans were more important than the other life on the planet was replaced with the idea that the planet is more important than the life on it. People work now to ensure the elongation of life as a whole, rather than to lengthen individuals’ own life. This has extended to population control in areas where it would be dangerous to have a dense populace, such as cities or on the coast. Just thirty lives’s per kilometres squared is the limit, while buildings have been restricted to five storeys. Under the recent 50/50 rule, half of this same area must be ‘green’, which includes parks, trees, plants and other naturally occurring fauna but excludes potted plants.
Hate-factions have developed in isolated districts around the planet. Growing in numbers daily, they blame the decline of the humans on the rise of the Simian race, declaring it more than just a coincidence that they happen to coincide. They have so far ignored the scientific proof to the contrary, calling it monkey propaganda. The simian government has so far rejected outcries for the condemnation of human kind, one final blow to wipe them off the planet, and has attempted a peaceful resolution.
Meanwhile, the human race toils over it’s past mistakes. It’s population numbers have been in decline for hundreds of years, from a peak of twelve billion in the twenty sixth century to just over half a billion now. Scientists, human and simian, have located a new node in human DNA that is slowly unravelling the helix, generation after generation. Predictions place total extinction to less than one hundred years. They say the node developed because of human kinds own self-destructive tendencies, for example the proliferation of unhealthy food and the poisoning of their own environment. The hate-factions attribute this flaw to the prominence of the Simians but there is proof that the node has existed for centuries and could have been activated at any point.

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  1. I wrote this a long while ago. It is based on how humans have, like The Simians in the story, grown outside natural selection. Survival of the strongest etc is now irrelevant, and we try to survive outside nature. New diseases have appeared because of this, such as obesity, and I wondered what would happen if another species did the same over time.
    It didn't turn out how I would have liked. More emphasis on religion is what I wanted... more detail of society in general. But it seems okay reading it now... I might revisit this someday, so... at least you know.