Sunday, July 24, 2005

And on my Birthday...

Current mood: Das Boot

I look forward to another year or maybe two. I have really started enjoying life since I hit my twenties. My knowledge in music, movies and books has dramatically increased and thus my mind was blown on more than one occasion in the last year. It's a great feeling, experiencing something so spectacular that your mind pukes. And before it pukes again, it thanks me for giving him the oppertunity to puke. I know my brain is a he because he has balls.
I hope life keeps on getting better for me. I would hate for it to get worse from here or even just stay the same. That would be shit. I plan to kick ass in my life and not behind a desk, I can tell you. I might never reach the lofty hights for which I strive. Hell, I might not even attempt to reach them. But I have them. And today, on my birthday, that's all that matters.

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