Sunday, July 24, 2005

A Bad Alcoholics Poem. (The poems bad, I mean)

Current mood: Shocked and appalled

I carry the monkey on my back. At first he clung but then I got a rucksack. "Get me a beer", the monky yells in my ear. "Get it yourself", I reply.
The monkey roared and smacked me with a board that was haplessly laid near-by. "And when you get me that fucking beer", he continued to leer "Don't forget a pie."
I turn red with rage and get out the cage to put the monkey in it. He's not trained to be on his own because he puts his foot in it.
Other peoples drinks I mean and other peoples faces. The monkey is a disgusting creature who likes to throw faeces.
I buy his pint and I buy his pie and for me a packet of crisps. When back at the table, the escaped monkey took a piss. In stranges hair, clothes and drink. I had to pay for the damage, including the kitchen sink.

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