Sunday, July 24, 2005


Current mood: King

Man, I love salt… hmmm, pour some on my chips… oh, it’s nothing without vinegar. Salt and vinegar. Rare. Like two best friends running naked in the sand. I love you, you white stinging substance. Ohhhh, I love it when you’re on my chest. I love to rub that spicy mixture in my chest hair…. Hmmm, yes. You’ll never betray me. You’ll always have my heart. Salt and your complimentary sister, vinegar. Together, you complete my world.

But WARNING. I shall never consume you by yourself. Your bitterness is bad for the tongue, which will say “Owww, my tender pink skin is on FIRE with a salty overdose. I will swallow myself for this indiscretion.” I savour my tongue far more than I savour the sight of a salt mountain… ready to dive in a swim around with, of course, the proper eye protection. Yes, diving through the pearly white powder like Scrooge McDuck through his billions of Duck Dollars

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