Sunday, July 24, 2005

Half Twin

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And one man was a half twin of the other, and not in the immediate sense of the word but in the tertiary sense, in that the man was only half bodied and not entire. But what was there of him replicated his brother identically. That was the face, and hair, the torso, and arms, and the crotch, the mother agrees. But below that, one brother excelled while the other didn’t exist.
However, when people are told, they screw their faces around and around, thinking until unrecognisable, and they say, “Ah, you mean one has blonde hair and the other brown. One has blue eyes and the other green. One is fat and the other, well, not.” And then when the truth is revealed, their faces unscrew, their minds unwork, and they stare blankly at the messenger. Yet they will remain unaware that the full-bodied twin is of lesser mind than average, and the mind of his half twin is greater. For this is their secret between themselves. A present from one brother to the other.

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