Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Hiatus Suspended Definitely

As it has been two weeks since I officially began this break of pace, I feel there is no better time to end it. Although, I must confess, it may be a tad premature.
You see, for the past week I have been writing a story that I wanted to post first and it's not finished yet. But I will try to have it ready by tomorrow.
Either/or, I'm back across the board as of right now. So, feel free to leave messages of gratitude and hot, steamy lust. Or insults and derision. Whatever's clever.


  1. Had given up on you rob. your not nearly as good at following things through as writing endless streams of funny shit. i like that, welcome to the club of Requitters anonymous?Did you see life aquatic yet?interested to hear what ye thought bout it....good to have you back.looking forward to reading the new story.

  2. Rob what the hell.....
    Do you realize what you have done?
    You have given Bond hope for the future. I may never forgive you for this!