Tuesday, July 26, 2005


“I think they are elegant creatures. See how they walk. One leg in front of the other, arms swinging from the front to the back. Some smile. Some don’t. Sweat particles erupt from their pores. Noses twitch and lips tighten. See how this one hobbles with a stick to keep him upright. Walking is very important to this race.”

"But see how this one kills another in their entertainment house. Brutish animals incapable of thought before action. Inebriated by the alcohol he willingly, wantonly drank. What kind of race allows its members to alter themselves, not just negatively, but at all? Now another one is dead. In but a few days observation, they have killed hundreds of each other for no natural reason.”

“You don’t understand. Look down there, a mother feeding her daughter. Did you know they grow in the female of the species for nine earth months, until when the baby is ejected? Our species hasn’t done that in millennia. It’s amazing to watch, how their stomachs expand as the child grows. And they care for it for as long as twenty-five years. Feed them and ensure they are educated. How can you condemn such a race?”

“Don’t you realise what you are not seeing. Look here on this land mass. The temperature here is over nineteen onnies and it rises due to the depletion of the outer layer. Our species could not survive such a temperature but they spend their lives in it. And notice how dark their skin is, almost as if they are a different race. I have been scanning their muddled transmissions. They name this area is Africa. It’s what they call a continent, one of six. Three thousand of their children die in Africa every day because of malaria. Around six hundred people die of AIDS-related diseases in South Africa every day. One child dies every seven seconds from hunger and related causes. All of these are preventable on their planet, yet they let members of their own species suffer and die because of greed and spite. How can you defend them?”
“We have made mistakes in out history and we have learned from them. Can we not just give them the privilege of teaching themselves not to let others suffer?”

“Our species has observed theirs for long enough to know they cannot learn. Wars, famine and pollution still persist as they have for centuries and no progress has been made in eradicating them, but instead they thrive in an environment perfectly suited to them. No one can save these humans and they do not deserve the chance to destroy this planet. It must be preserved for species more willing to live in peace with nature, more deserving of life. The planet dies around them and they do nothing to stop it. The just exacerbate the condition by draining all of the natural resources around them, unwilling to replace or reuse. They waste everything. Mountains of their own greed piles up around them, polluting environment, killing animals. You can’t be reasonable to allow them to continue to obliterate themselves and especially this planet.”

“How long do they have?”

“Only another year. Then we invade.”

“I understand. It must be this way.”


  1. The humanity erased, we'll start off on base one all over again. That's what I meant.

  2. Oh, I though you were singing a Cardigans song.