Sunday, July 24, 2005

Machina De Erotica

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The dish washer slid it's door open. At first slowly, letting the toaster only catch a glimpse of the sweetness contained within, but then quickly which stunned the toaster. The dish washer was the most beautiful appliance the toaster had ever been contected to. He felt himself loosing control of the situation. The toaster liked to keep in control of his sexual experience but with her, he didn't mind. No mind, never matter.
So, when he saw her sweet, wet secret, he immediatly turned hot, burning his bread. He began to slip his power chord into her exposed tray, gently stroking the cutlery holder. The dish washer moaned and vibrated, water shooting from the spray fan all over the toasters power chord, illiciting exciting little shocks.
The toaster heated up uncontrolable, unable to contain his special man gift. He shakes and toast pops out and flies into the dish washer, which gratefully accepts it..

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