Sunday, July 31, 2005

Stop The World & Let Me Off

Have you ever heard that phrase? My mother says it all the time. I asked her about it when I was a child and she just smiled and said “It’s a turn of phrase, honey. You can’t stop the world.”

But this morning, during Mass, I prayed for God to do just that. And, for reasons his own, he answered me. I left the church and, from my own perspective, I shot from the ground like a bullet from a gun. One moment I’m walking towards the shop across from the church, head slouched and hands in pockets. The next moment, I’m watching the earth fall away from under me. Clouds evaporate as they fly past and down with the planet. But I don’t travel indefinitely.
I am above an ocean when I hit the upper atmosphere. It’s an incredible uncomfortable situation, being bounced off a layer of condensed gasses. On fire I collapse back down to earth, but to an unusual destination. Unusual to me, that is. When I hit earth, a ripple tears up the ground and unearths all of the trees around me. I land in a forest and from above, far above, where I am would look like a brown pupil in a sea of green. I am unhurt but lost; a bad idea, only bad when proven so.

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