Sunday, July 24, 2005

You light my Days

Current mood: Stingy Eyed

Today, it is so sunny outside that trees have melted. Wild cats run about on fire, howling. Our pond has dried up and the rocks surrounding it have turned to dust. I have elected not to wear any clothes and just lounge about under the shade of a great oak. The temperature is enough in the shade that if I didn't blink at least once every ten seconds, my eyeballs would just dry up and crust over.
Humans shouldn't be able to survive weather like this. My skin, which this morning was white and milky, is now brown and toasty. My hair looks permanently wet from sweat and a rash is developing between my toes. I am loosing weight rapidly as fat is just burning up. I am dyhedrated but cannot drink as the water evaporates before it reaches my lips.
And worst of all are the bugs that infest my space. Flies bounce off my skin, spiders crawl across my face, bees buzz and wasps whisp. My arms are spotted with bite marks and a plane falls from the sky. Satan crawls from his hole to bask in the sun. He also is wearing nothing and he borrows my suntan lotion, only to use it all. Bastard.

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