Tuesday, August 16, 2005


The steely-eyed samurai swordsman glared at his opponent. The focus of his gaze stared back with equal venom. "Tashiro," he shouted, "Do not do this." Tashiro responded by placing his hand on the hilt of his katana. His glare deepened. "Tashiro, I beg of you, please."


"Fine then, Tashiro, you leave me no choice." His sword flickered into the air with startling speed. "I will kill him."


"Why not Tashiro? What of me, and my feelings? What of all those nights we spent together, gobbling each others cocks? I will not let him have you, and I do not understand why you will not leave him for me. I will kill him."

"But Takeda..."

"No buts... I must do this."

"I will not allow it."

"Then I will kill you too."

"Fine, to save our lives... I will leave him."

With that the two samurai sprinted into each others arms.
A little over a mile away all the samurai in the garrison were having gay sex aswell, except for one or two who claimed not to "lean that way", but everyone doubted them.


  1. If I had know you were going to post something... jeez...
    But funny shit.
    Jesus, when I watched 'that film' I thought he was a girl for, like, half of it. Shocked the hell out of me. Or not. Somewhere in the middle probably.

  2. Yeah I was fucking sure he was a girl at the very start, but as soon as he opened his mouth... (to speak, not to swallow cock) during the sparring match it was fairly obvious.

  3. Looked very much like a girl...
    Weird film though. Looked nice, but I didn't have a clue what was going on for the most part.

  4. Which film was that? funny story, good work, man.

  5. It was Gohatto. Or taboo as it is in english.

  6. Or not. It was nice looking but a wee bit flaccid... hur hur hur.
    Check out the other Takeshi Kitano films. He rocks.

  7. Yeah Gohatto, it was a poor film - with a central theme of samurai bum-buddies and a few other weak(ish) side stories half tacked on. Maybe if you've absolutely nothing else to watch then give it a blast. Otherwise steer well clear.

    5 Stars, film of the year - the Indpendant Bumserver.

    Absolutely astouding, you'll leave the cinema flaming - Ghey Tymes.

    One of the finest pieces of cinematic drama in years - Doc.

  8. I don't doubt the accuracy of those reviews.