Sunday, August 28, 2005


An English man, an Indian and an Irish man were in a forest, relieving themselves their loads beside each other.
The English man looked at the steaming pile left by the Indian and said to him:
“Nice crap son.”
The Indian glanced to his side and appreciating the Irish mans leavings, remarked:
“That’s handsome faecal matter. I am very impressed.”
And the Irish man, when finished, checked out the English mans stain:
“Sure, that’s a grand ‘ole lot you have there.”
So, as it were, they all stood around admiring each other’s brown stuffs.
But never did the trio realise that, in the end, it’s all just shit.


  1. Which one of you guys is Indian? And what happened with Daly's reversal of identity? [no correlation to the first question]

  2. Rob is of indian descent, but he's got an Irish passport.

    I just decided to ground myself for a few minutes before I, once again, spurt aimlessly off on another tangent in the search for something interesting.

  3. My real name is Hadji like the Indian kid in Johnny Quest... Just a coincidence.

  4. Understood.

    Daly, I know the tangent you refer to. Whenever it sees me it ducks and hides behind a stationary object. I interpret this as a sign of embarrassment and return to my daily grind of bedwetting and mopping, not always in that order.

  5. "Indians Vs Native Americans" what a movie it would make.

  6. Robert, since when did you realise you were a stupid bastard? :P