Monday, August 08, 2005

Making Nothing of Something

Focus Robert. Dig deep within yourself to find a truth. Deeper still. To find a universal truth like they talk about on TV or in books. Something to write about and impress girls. Girls who don’t know you.
God Robert, you are such a prick. Why don’t you write about something meaningful, rather than just tapping away, rather than just writing about not being able to write? Only assholes do that. Gaping assholes.
Or don’t write. Who are you trying to fool? Nobody can consistently write something night after night. No one. Especially you. You no-lifer. Live a little, then come back to me and whine. Maybe I’ll listen then. Or maybe I’ll kick your ass.
Just ignore the voice and concentrate on a feeling. An idea. Wait for the explosion, the inspiration explosion. Become a machine. Become an automaton. Become someone else and dredge their soul for perpetual accuracies. Just breath and wait for it, it shall come and you will be immortal.


  1. Stream-of-consciousness; the author looking at himself whilst creating. An insight.

  2. Yeah, there is a stream of consciousness aspect to it, but it's still measured.

    Check out Studies of Life for stream of consciousness over on L&M from three/four months ago. Long ago.

  3. I think I read it then, but I'm gonna check it out anyway.

  4. You did read it... but that was probably my most stream of consciousness.