Wednesday, August 03, 2005


He was walking up a mountain road, and decided to cross over to the other side. He tried to quickly make it in a bend. Unluckily, he wasn’t quick enough to avoid being hit by the car going right towards him. He only noticed it from the corner of his eye at the very last minute.
All he saw was a massive black shape speeding towards him, and then, nothingness.

He was tossed over several yards on the right. He rolled over on himself several times before slowly stopping. He lay out on his stomach, his nose in the snow, blood dripping from his forehead and his nostrils.
When he finally came back to his senses, several hours later, he felt cramps all over his body, as though every one of his muscles, veins, and articulations were filled with shards of glass.

The night was starting to set. He was cold. Above him, clouds were moving rapidly from left to right.
He dragged himself to the edge of the woods going up the mountain road.
The naked, gaunt trees seemed to be opening their arms to comfort him. He sat up against an oak and tried to regain some strength before heading back home. ‘It’s a miracle’, he thought. ‘Nothing’s broken.’ Still, he would see his doctor as quickly as possible.
He breathed in, slowly and deeply. His ribs were hurting with every breath he took. His breath was condensing in the cold air. His nose and hands were frozen. He had lost one of his shoes when he got it, and couldn’t find it anywhere.
He was straining to get up when an acute and instantaneous pain just nailed him down. He crawled on his elbows and knees, breathing hard because of the pain. His collarbones felt like they were crushed, and his chest was pulling and hurting. It seemed something was growing on his back, but he just couldn’t believe it. Still, he could clearly feel and hear his shirt crack open. The seams soon ripped apart in one go, leaving him bare-chested, on all fours, in the snow, fresh red blood dripping down his back.
He didn’t know what was going on. He was sick with fear. What was happening to him? There was nothing he could do.
It already was completely dark around him. No witness around. No-one to help him. And, had there been anyone around, would they have helped him, in the state he was?
Through the clouds, the full moon rising felt like a bad omen.

The thing growing on his back was steadily becoming bigger and bigger. Under the control of this superhuman force, all his clothes had fallen off, their seams ripped apart. His rags were lying on the ground, like a corpse.
He rolled over in the pure snow, trying to use its coolness to soothe the pain. Soon, he was covered in it. Lying on his back, he breathed in deeply. The unpolluted air appeased him. All of a sudden, he wasn’t hurting anymore. The air had revived him. A faint breeze caressed his face.

He stood up again. A long, white garb, as made of snow, was floating around him. He could feel on his back the things that had grown there while he was on the ground. Now, he knew what they were. He turned his head and saw them from the corner of his eyes – they were also white as snow.

He looked at the evening sky, as though looking for an answer – or answering a question. All of a sudden, the skies re-opened, and the full moon was there, again, its halo dense and intense, as focused on him. The breeze caressed his face again.

He closed his eyes. He knew.


  1. I kow it's a bit cheesy (the ending at least...) it's something I wrote a while ago (originally in French, and I translated it). Please tell me if some things 'sound' funny.
    I just thought I'd try another take on the angel 'transformation'. What if they actually suffered during the process? that's why I tried to turn it into a 'horror' story at first.
    This one's actually Metamorphosis#2, but I haven't had time to translate the first one yet.

  2. Oh... I thought it was a werewolf story... the full moon and all. But fair dues.

    And why is it snowing?... is it because he was bleeding and blood on snow is cool... I worte a story only last week where it snowed only because blood was involved.

  3. I guess that's a good reason as well... Metamorphosis#1 was also set in a snowy landscape. I prolly wrote that in winter.
    The werewolf misleading 'track' was intentional :)

  4. Woh ho ho.
    Intentional misleading and I feel for it.

  5. I feel for it and fell for it....