Saturday, August 27, 2005

New Blog Buddy

Well, I don’t normally write posts about such trivial things as a new blog buddy. I do have more important chores to complete, such as airing the space between my toes.
But this new blog is astonishing.
It is the electronic representation of the combined efforts of three supermen, two of whom you already have intimate knowledge off, the third you will get to know with a relentless flurry of words inspired by the Lord above.
Retard Vegas.
An unassuming name, I know. One you might glance at without registering, I’m sure. But what will soon be an explosive force within the blogosphere, tearing up old traditions and replacing them with unconventional wisdom practised only by these three heroes, I’m certain.
One: Kelly.
A man you already know from Mac10. His true aim is only equalled by his ferocious power. The spray might kill you if you are not quick enough to sidestep. His brings Old Age Wisdom to the triumphant trio.
Two: M.
From the Excrement Sect. M is cloaked in shadows; the only glimpse of him is that of his hands rolling hit after hit off his PC. A man of his word and of the world, not to be trusted with a knife in your back. He is the brute force, from behind, in your face.
And Three: D Meehan.
A man known to me alone for many years, as he is my brethren, my blood, my brother. He will land from a great height upon you, unknown to you, and enter your mind through any available orifice, to sacrifice your senses to the God’s of tireless torment. You may never remember what he did to you, but your children will know and their children will draw pictures of it while asleep. His wit will lullaby you to drowsy rest, a blade caressing your throat.

And the Lord said:
“Let there be Retard Vegas, where everyone is a loser.”
And it was so.


  1. This is way too much hype. And Im flagging this blog for that reason.

  2. Very good Kelly, very good.
    I'll give you a reason to flag if you keep this up... a BLOODY good reason.

  3. I like the fact that its one: Kelly !!! Oh YA.
    I have put a new post up on mac10.

  4. Are you keeping them or doing away with them... say you?

  5. I'll try to keep posting on both blogs for a while. Until I run out of idea's and become a mindless husk of a human. Which wont take too long.

  6. Already there! I figure once you hit rock bottom the worst that can happen you is that you break even.

  7. Noble phrasology Kelly... but also codology... once you hit rock bottom, I'm going to severe your fingers off to prove you wrong... and then stitch them on all in the wrong order.

  8. Reaching rock bottom means this has already happened. Its a harsh way to go just so you can always break even but once you get over the mindless agony its ok. Kind of like floating in tepid water.

  9. Well Kelly, best of look on the way down...
    I'm off for a while, to relax in front of a movie...
    So long, farewell, auf viedersehn, good bye.

  10. Jesus fucking christ! The Kelly, Magnificent M AND Delicious D Meehan! Thats like an almost super blog. Like Led Zeppellin without Robert Plant or The Jackson Five without Tito.

  11. Ian is correct, of course... but our blog is more super and proof cannot be too far away...

    Or not.

  12. If their blog doesn't suck more than ours then something's wrong.

    Although something is definitely wrong at the moment.

    WE'RE ALL DOMED!!!111!OMG!!!LOLZ!1!!11!

  13. Do you expect their blog to suck more than ours Daly???

  14. Seriously Rob, if you make me explain another one of my posts i'll shit in Uwe Boll's mouth.

  15. You know what Daly, I always thought that you didn't like this blog... so I assumed you made a mistake...
    Still, Uwe Boll needs a mouthfull of shit, so explain away good fellow.