Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Some Colour


  1. Cool, I really like those. Is a photoblog a new idea to consider?

  2. Jesus.. you were quick....
    No. Just too lazy to write...

    But if anyone knows why a digital camera might make the corner of pictures purple, be sure to let me know...

    Although, it's a cheap little thing. So that maybe my answer.

  3. Question, answer, shake your hand and smile for the camera
    But it's no good you should spend time in your neighbourhood
    Where black kids, white kids
    Now you're working overtime to be a crack kid
    No job, no cash,
    A revolution is the only way we can change, change, change
    I wanna fight the power

  4. No, I just happened to be passing there... :)
    Which song is that again?

  5. I can tell you it's Jamiroquai... but I don't know the song.

  6. Jesus! I remember you saying that the moose/deer/mytholgical beast was ugly but DAMN!

  7. Ya Rob, I’m trying to eat my cereal here. Why have you pictured it from behind?

  8. Most of the other pictures I had of it were blurry from bad comeramanship... plus, I like the background to that one.