Friday, August 12, 2005


I was digging a hole to Australia when I met the Giant mole, king of the moles, and we shook hands and he mentioned how I was the first of my kind that he has met but he saw pictures of us and found us very interesting. And I marvelled at his stature. He was two feet taller than I, other moles running below his feet, tickling my shins, so I laugh freely and they amplify their motions.
The king mole invites me through a door tall enough for me but ironically not for him and he shows me a machine, which was actually a TV-DVD duo, made by Phillips and he asked did I know what it was. I explained to him that it was a TV and stuff like Royal weddings and horse races are shown on it. He got very excited indeed, murmuring under his breathe that this is exactly what he needed to stave off the boredom when his wife is out shopping. So, I plug it in to a wall socket. I had to plug out his CD player but he didn’t mind because I had explained to him that DVD players also play CD’s. And when I turned it on, there was a nature program about Southern American moles, and he said “Hey, that’s my cousin.”


  1. Have you been doing shrooms again?

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