Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Two More Years

Current mood: sleepy

Hahahaha, funny to the last.
No, there will not be two more years. In fact, there won't even be two more days. See, that's the joke.
Anyway, I'm deleting this bitch tomorrow sometime and decided to give fair warning to those who care. For example those who like my blog. Well, a copy of it is up at this address:
And if you look in the links column, you will see my other two blogs on blogger. You can find me on the first one, Lennon & McCartney, if you look for me. The second, I'm leaving in capable hands but I might post on it, once in a while.

So, there it is.

Oh, I don't know what will happen to 'The Steve Guttenberg Foundation', but if it still exists after I'm gone, you can fight over it.
Ok. Bye.

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