Tuesday, September 27, 2005


Don’t believe a youthful face because the brain it masks is bitter, old and, most importantly, never lies. It will tip its hat at the pretty ladies and in turn, make fist at offensive young ones. However, the face may remain smooth and clean like the spring flow of a refreshing stream, wrinkleless apart from healthy laughter lines and teeth as white as God’s honest truth. One may be lead astray to believe that a lie has never slid past the lips, let alone careened into the ears but then one would be naïve to believe such things because the skin is fallacy, the only certainty being the brain. One can never trust how another is purely on their outward show but must spend time listening past the view at the truth hidden within and between the uttered words, like the lines scored on a copy page to help children write straight sentences.
Or as my mother once said:
Never trust the man, son, with a jaw wider than the forehead.
Why’s that mammy?
‘Cause it means he talks more than he thinks. Now ate your porridge.


  1. You can't trust the brain either. It hasn't a fucking clue half its time. The other half it's trying to get you to do the opposite of what you should be doing.

  2. Nah man. The brain is the only honest organ in ones body that another person can read if they are sufficiently aware. Case in point... watching someone think. Their eyes shoot around and their face relaxes. The brain does that. Good old grey.

  3. I'm not convinced it's as easy as that. The brain has a remarkable capacity for dishonesty, even to its owner (read - vessel).

    And I think you're forgetting about the cock. Now there's an organ that is overly honest.

  4. ...and overly one-track minded.