Sunday, September 11, 2005

Happy September 11th

In a year where the world has gone to shit and I have elevated myself above the shallowness of mere man, people have died an amazing variety of ways.
By tsunami, for example. Although, I admit, it actually occurred last year, I claim it for this year because it befits my point this way. So, in some poor, black, Godless country or another… I dunno… Jesus blew a big wave that sent one hundred thousand savages to Hell where their spirits currently reside.
On July 7th (or 7/7 as the media has dubbed it) some more calendar girls for the new, Godless generation blew themselves up among hard working, white, Christian, English people. That day will remain particularly memorable even if only that it finally gave Blair a valid reason to be fighting a war.
And most recently there was Hurricane Katrina, which God directed onto the indigent, black folk along the Americas Gulf coast, (which one!), and decimated their possessions leaving them defenceless to the ravages of society. Also, a bunch of them died.
But lets not forget the brave, white men and women who died fighting for freedom in Iraq. Yes, freeing up oil and other valuable resources such as red sand. Their honourable deaths were the chain-link that tied the tsunami, London bombings and Hurricane Katrina together, creating a fence of death rivalled perhaps only with the black plague, which wiped out most of Europe some time ago.
But we cannot let these minor copycat mass-killings detract from the attack that started this trend. September 11th, or 9/11 as it is known by the hip kids in New York vegetable joints. Four years ago, a group of dark skinned men maliciously flew planes into Americas’ great Manhattan area and destroyed the Twin Towers, the two fingered salute America built as a warning to the terrorists that hate their freedom. Many, many rich people were killed or injured and many more lost money. Since then the good fight was taken to the terrorists and after a long and terrible struggle, we appear to be winning. Somewhat. Fuck you terrorists.
So, lets all remember the green backs lost four years ago today and pray to God that it would never happen to money again.
Thank you Lord.



  2. I saw this black guy from New Orleans interviewed on TV last night and he adamantly stated that he was not going to leave his home or speak to any more public representatives, such as a police officer or National Guard officer as they were attempting to brain wash him so they could better loot his possessions. I found quite it amusing.

  3. Shit eater? Seriously Rob, you've got problems. Go to a psychiatrist or something.

  4. Rob may have problems, but he is not the one who portrayed himself as a "bender" on the internet. Perhaps you both should seek professional help. I would, however, recommend a psychotherapist over a psychiatrist.

  5. Well Ian since your medical degree is pending you actually knowing anything about being a doctor I reckon it's fair to say your recommendation isn't worth shit.

    What's new?

  6. The flooding of New Orleans was a Black Panther production in association with Al Quieda(too lazy to look up spelling).

  7. Do you guys do the months over there as 9/11 or 11/9 (not November 9th)?

    I keep talking about 11/9 and the Yanks I spit on keep slammin' me with dope rhymes like "Yo, what the fuck, G" and "Ain't no thang like a chicken wang you dope motherfucker turkey neck fuck" and "What you talkin' bout, Willis" and shit. I can't make any headway cause I don't speak American-English and shit, y'all, so I iz lost if ya be catchin' my floating logz, Boooooooy?

    And Amen to the prayer.

  8. We do it the opposite to Americans... that is to say, the correct way.
    Damn Americans... don't get me started. Though Ian is okay.