Monday, September 12, 2005

Hierarchy Assembly Line

In one corner Shit Eater mechanically inserts the pasty goop into his mouth. He stops, burps, rubs his stomach and continues dead-eyed. In the opposite corner, Stupid Bastard forces his excrement, squeezing out long cylinders of processed fast food and assorted cereals.
In between, a conveyor belt runs.
Everyday social discourse in one easy-to-digest image.


  1. Whats the big deal with Robs current appellation?

  2. What is the deal is right...
    I don't see a problem.

  3. Seriously Rob, what's your fucking problem? Why in the name of apple tart are you calling yourself shit eater?

  4. I think that as a child Daly was forced to eat shit by a malicious tormentor and now that Rob has chosen the name "shit eater" it has caused deeply buried memories to resurface in Dalys troubled mind thus leading to this aggressive assault against Meehan.

  5. Aren't both entities in this story one and the same?

    Man, you spend a day donating blood to a legitimate cause and the world of Lennon & McCartney turns into a Laverne & Shirley episode during a solar eclipse.

  6. Shoot that poison arrow through my Heaaaaaart!

  7. I don't see a problem with what I name myself. Shit Eater or Legend Defeater... A rose by any other name, so to speak.
    Although it does effect how I think and thus how I write. Which is a good thing.
    But I don't see how what I name myself can have such an reaction by you.

  8. Don't you mean a name by any other rose.Rob, you were working as a cocktail in a waitress bar when i found you!

  9. Oh my god. It affects how you think and thus how you write? Jesus H Christy Bobert. And of course that's a good thing.

    Bollox to thee I say. You're full of shit Rob, but not because you ate it.

    When I see someone calling themself Shit Eater for any other reason that an amusing joke then it makes me violently ill. Violently.