Sunday, September 04, 2005


Excerpts from a conversation between U.S. President George W. Bush and a woman whose identity is protected, dated 2nd Sept. 2005.

GWB: Hey Baby. Can you talk?

W: Yeah… for a while.

GWB: I’ve missed you. God has missed you.

W: … George….

GWB: Don’t use my name… you know that. Never use my name.

W: (sigh)… I can’t do this anymore.

GWB: (muffled sounds) Come on baby, don’t talk like that… I love you. God loves you.

W: Every time you fuck, you fall in love.

W: I’m talking about New Orleans… I’m talking about the Gulf Coast. Damn you.

GWB: … What about them?

W: Haven’t you listened to a word I said? It’s been all over Fox News for the last five fucking days. Geraldo is holding a starving baby on national television… People are dying down there.

GWB: … (rustling) … I haven’t seen today’s paper yet… Hold on… (shuffling of paper, gasp)… A HURRICANE!

GWB: Have you not had fun? On my ranch in Texas, when we swam in the lakes and went fishing, when we made passionate love beneath a great oak, beneath the gaze of the Lord Almighty. Were they not good times?

W: Look man, this is getting too serious. What if we’re caught? My mamma didn’t raise no home wrecker.

GWB: Talk to dirty to me. (zipper undoing)… Tell me I’ve been bad… ugh…

W: … I can’t.

GWB: How about we go out like we used to? (Takes a deep breathe) Go out and shoot some blacks?

W: … You sick son of a bitch.

GWB: Eh… Molly?

W: Oh no, you di’nt ... Shit, how many hoes have you?

GWB: … Don’t talk about momma like that!

W: Fuck you, you bastard. Never call me again.

Call terminated 01:47 EST.


  1. I agree with Ian. Fuck da bot above me.

  2. Bot away....

    But how the ass did it get past out tight security... someone was sleeping on the job.