Saturday, October 15, 2005

Emotion Junkies

Poor Robert pondered life and his gut, tap-tap-tapping the keyboard in search for answers, ideas and questions to why. For hours he could stare, thumbs twiddling, out of the window or perhaps at the ceiling, just thinking at random and examining deliberately the causes of why. An idea might include images of animals that express a thought. For example a snake eating it’s own tail may represent the question: Why do I ask why? Poor Robert doesn’t understand, as hard as he would try, the reasons of living and why dying is such a crying shame.
What is the worst that can happen?
To not live anymore. Why, one places too much importance on life when it is just slow rot, cavities and loss of the vital senses. And with modern technologies, humanity can bypass nature’s solemn efforts to kill a person and extend someone’s life way beyond a natural end, into something altogether mechanical. A Zimmer frame to assist movement, a hearing aid to listen to the six o’ clock news, a thick pair of NHS glasses to recognise your nurses and a machine to restart your heart when even that has given up on beating. Why so much effort, for so much pain in so little time? The human body was not designed to for such harsh treatment. But poor Robert, as he rambles about euthanasia, rubs his own bloated belly and whispers: “Hypocrite”.
A minimum standard of living must be set by the people and for the people. We cannot have a countries resources diverted to maintain the life of a vegetable. When a house is unfit for inhabitants, it is torn down, so too should be the idea for the human body. “Which is all well and good”, replies Roberts mouth countering his brain, “but if a person who cannot maintain a satisfactory standard of living - whatever that may be – should be killed, then so too should those who choose to maintain a low standard of living. The morbidly obese, for example.” The brain was shocked, as the mouth had not previously displayed such talent for smarts, instead choosing to follow how the brain acted and jived. But brain was not to be caught off-guard and, although at the top of the body, was well in tune with the lower portion below. But mouth, it begins, a roll of grey matter smirking at it’s own intelligence, how about you close yourself to food and then obesity would not be a problem.
Brain laughed as he had truly got the cats tongue.
Poor Robert sat deeply disturbed at how his body parts could revolt on him so intently as to make his soul, the unifying part of his whole, almost irrelevant. And surely, he thinks, this is another part of ‘why?’ Another aspect of life revealed to him in total, disgusting truth. And it scared Robert deeply to continue this thought, his eyes seeking out every dark corner to eliminate all chance of wicked beast. But as Robert sat, his stomach weighing heavy on his lap, a fortunate turn occurred, grand in scale, enough to turn his mood around if only for three minutes and twenty nine seconds. Download complete: the new Darkness song. So, for a few minutes, Poor Robert turned off his brain and mouth, and let his toes do the tapping. And for the song duration he experienced what a hundred years of thinking would never reveal to him. That perhaps thinking itself in opposition to life’s progress and that survival may depend on something more primal than being able to contemplate oneself… but Poor Robert will never remember what he never thought in the first place.


  1. Hey R-Man. I haven't read the artcicle, but the title "Emotion Junkies" leads me to believe I need to attack it.

    Summarise in one line the article:

  2. Like all my recent stuff, it is about life in some weird way... this one particularly is musing on standard of living... I suppose. Off the cuff shit... The title came last and acts as extra explanation to the overall idea.

  3. OK, i've had a lash through. It wasn't a rebuttal of my earlier article, as originally I thought, my bad.

    I do agree with some of what you have to say though.

  4. Well, okay... it was just off the cuff though... I do plan to do something with more thought tomorrow or sunday... I'll say for sunday, if you want to fill the empty space tomorrow.

  5. Hold on, I'm not certain on one point; was this off the cuff?

  6. Man... yep... I did use off the cuff a lot... but I was using it as a cover just in case the post turned out shit... Off the cuff.... Off the cuff... off the cuff....
    Say, maybe I might blog that... off the is spelt cuff, right? Not kuff.... ???

  7. The late movie on RTE 2 tonight is worth watching for those interested...
    Y Tu Mamien Tambian... or something similar... sexy spanish drama from the director of harry potter 3.

  8. The mind left to wander is a dangerous beast.

    Thoughts it stumbles upon can permanently warp those with a certain psychological constitution.

    Your visions will become an alarming reality in the very near future.

    As the planet becomes busier than an elevator to the moon, goverments will be forced to cull the herd. Those found wanting will be wanting lawyers.

    And they won't be able to get them..