Sunday, October 23, 2005

I would if it was a woman

Well those of you who'd read my last post will know that I was a little disappointed with Ninja Gaiden Black.

That's all gone to blazes now. I'm on my second run through, this time on Very Hard. I'm roaming the streets of Tairon now, murdering any bastard who gets in my way. And it's totally kick ass.

You know, I'm beginning to realise that one of the most alluring thing about Ninja Gaiden is the overwhelming sense of danger you feel at every stage of the game. You totally lose that effect on easier difficulties. If it wanted to just watch a dude beating a load of other people up I'd rent a movie, or go into Limerick.

Nay, if i'm going to spend my time in front of a TV then it had better be fun, and Ninja Gaiden on Very Hard is certainly that. Every step is fraught with danger. Every new location brings a new challenge. Sometimes a new location brings loads of new challenges. Sometimes it brings the same challenge a fuckload of times. It's always managable though. Even when a boss kills you loads of times you can see how you could have done better. You're never pressed up against a brick wall.

I've heard people say that this is game that Ninja Gaiden should have been. If you'd asked me yesterday i'd have said no, but now I'd have to agree. While turning up the difficulty they've dialed down the frustration. For example some of the more infamous bosses now have a save point close by, as opposed to half way across the level (Spirit Doku was a bastard for that in the last game). Sometimes the game just seems a little more forgiving. Maybe that's just me.


  1. Fucking, when you get onto the hardest of the difficulties let us know... it sounds like it's going to be a complete bastard...


  2. Yeah I can see it already, it's going to be a fucker. I'm fighting ninjas now that set you on fire if they hit you. When the bats bite you you explode. The boss at the end of the first level had two ninjas armed with windmill shurikens. The boss I just killed was flanked by two enemies you normally don't see til closer the end of the game. And the fuckers keep respawning too.

    Sometimes when i get in a fight with some military dudes some black spider clan ninjas land in to totally put the hurt on me.

    It's noble though. I'm currently fighting Dark Dragon Ryu. He's a bastard.

  3. you on master ninja difficulty yet? come on daly this is what you live for. ill be expecting to hear victorious cries very soon. man up

  4. Try new Ninja Flakes from Kelloggs!!

    They're high in stealth and low in visibility. They also keep you regular, so there won't be any unwanted dump stops in the middle of that all-important shogun assassination you've been working on all week.

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  5. I'm currently caught on a bit in Very Hard, it's an optional fight but you get something kick ass at the end. It's a hundred fiend challenge and I just made it to 88 before buying the farm. Now that's annoying.