Monday, October 24, 2005


Nougatine Barnet.
Camels eat hedgerows.
Spaniards eat grass.
Twelve turns night.
Snore Jackson Fortitude.
I live Africa nothing.
Rotund farm.
Phalanx fails.
Trent Gorbon Shea.
Boats eat fish daily.
Unless they escape.
The flue is blocked.
Smoke clogs my arteries.
I die.

I live.

Just because it doesn't make sense to you.


  1. doesn't mean it isn't right.

  2. I have seen plenty of Spaniards eat grass...

  3. I've watched enough Star Gate to know that spaniards eat grass.

  4. Obviously, in my infinite wisdom, I know what this means.

    It's about confectionery giant Cadbury's mentally unhinged Managing Director falling into a vat of chocolate and taking a dark journey into the heart of the human soul as he chokes back his dying breath awaiting rescue from the dairy milk sea he's drowning in.

    That, or Flock of Seagulls haircuts

  5. UTMG did plenty of commenting, didn't he... I haven't commented abroad in a while... I feel guilty.... ah well, what can i do? Buh buh buh.

  6. Just out of interest, when you say you've seen plenty of spaniards eating grass. Do you mean that literally?

    If yes, then where?

  7. In Spain... dear boy. And I'm not talking figuritively.

  8. Also, I feel like calling you out on this... I just don't want to stand by and watch you post what seems to be nonsense and then go ahead all william nilliam and say "This shit makes perfect sense to me, stupid", but not in those exact words.
    What IS going on with this and don't go all coy and say shit like "that's for me to know..."... explain yourself...
    Also... on top of that outburst... I plan to post something tomorrow... not motivated enough tonight unfortunatly... don't hold your breathe for anything fresh or nothing though...

  9. Although I must make it clear I don't think this post is anyway shit... It's just a riddle I have no time for... and I'm on my period... on the blob.

  10. Oh no, there's no calling out to be done, none of this makes sense to me. I was polluted drunk and didn't remember posting it until I read it this evening. And that's actually the truth.

    Just to be clear however, the other posts were written with meaning and intent. I don't really want to take anything away from them.

    I'm curious about these spaniards though. Why were they eating grass?

  11. Oh right... pissed drunk... I'm not on the blob by the way... nowhere to bleed from in any natural way....
    As for the Spaniards... they were spanish cows who enjoy the odd graze...
    Although, I may be fibbing...

    Erm... anyway... keep up the good work old boy.
    And hows that game going? You know, the one you write about.

  12. There's a website about the English language, whose URL is evading me like a flighty winger with the ball, that has this kind of stuff. Wasn't there a famous famous person who was famous for this style of language?

  13. Ohh, I know what you are talking about... badly translated signs from Japan and Spain etc... or something like that... not that I don't think... but a play on the word english.