Thursday, October 20, 2005

Prelude to Pain

I had planned to post a pompous description of the road ahead, and how I was totally going to man up. That plan has gone to hell.

To be honest, I'm really fucking nervous. I've got that 'butterflies in my stomach'
sensation at the moment. I can feel my well of grim determination lurking around in the background, ready to reveal itself when I need it, but until then it's happy to let me suffer.

It's like that feeling just before the third round in Soul Calibur. You've won one and lost one. This is the one that counts.


  1. Do you feel that searing pain in the back of your neck... that's me sinking my teeth in... also in aniticpation of your breakdown...

    Also, check this out...

  2. I may post something tonight Daly if that's alright by you... of course, I have to write it first but I said I'd ask...

    Also, have you seen Heidi Klums new baby... that one that's half Seal (the singer)... rogueish looking baby...

  3. Yeah work away. This is hardly a weik of ahh.

    I have not seen the little scamp. An excellent singer no doubt.

  4. I love Soul Calibur. I am rubbish at it though.

    My brother was good with the scissorhands-a-like robofreak.

    The stories revealing the characters history are worth a read. They weren't translated very well, that's all i'm saying...