Saturday, November 05, 2005

The Alien Craft...

...Hangs Above Earth Like A Question Mark

Is It Too Late?


  1. What is it? An alien craft.

    Where did it come from? Outer space, perhaps the Sombrero Galaxy as it may have monitored our coverage of SNY.

    Are there things in it? Yes. Idiot.

    How will it affect gravity? It will probably break gravity, or at least give it a good kicking so ask gravity knows it place.

    Good post, old boy.

  2. I think I may start using pictures to tell stories... like a comic book but with more words than images. I mean, it has been done before. Ian, you did it last week or whenever it was.... but it's kind of cool... I get frisky when I think about it.

  3. Aw man... I didn't put any clouds on earth... shit.

    Woah... i just did a huge stretch and got all light headed.

  4. Maybe the gravitational effect from the alien craft has eradicated any condensed water vapour that was present in the atmosphere hence the lack of cloud cover.

    I downloaded that shiznit for you.

  5. Therefore, alien blow ass chunks....
    I might try and amend clouds to it and then repost with the clouds.... but then I might not....

  6. If you ask more questions? do more of these things appear? Will I find out purely by asking this question? How am I going to cope with the months of therapy needed to jettison the idea of questions?

  7. It's a pretty picture, ain't it UTMG?

  8. I checked the cable TV listings and there's no info there. Basically, I don't fucking know any of the answers and there isn't a single kid around to ask.

    Why on Earth? Why? WHY!?