Friday, November 04, 2005


His Imperial Majesty Akihito, the 125th Emperor of Japan, Grand Cordon of the Supreme Order of the Chrysanthemum, Order of the Rising Sun, Order of the Sacred Treasure, KG, Grand Cross of the Order of. St. Olav, the elder son of the late Emperor Shôwa and Empress Kojun sat upon the throne of all Japan, waiting.

Silence descended upon the throne room as the foreigner was ushered in. Nervously the foreigner bowed and scraped as was the custom, his movements awkward and unfamiliar. Standing at last, he spoke aloud, "I have returned." A subtle wave of the emperors hand beckoned the foreigner forward a few steps. "There is news?" said the emperor.

"No, your highness, I have a question. A question only you can answer."
"Go on."
"I've reached Chapter 10 of Ninja Gaiden as a Master. I can see the end, but... Tell me, is this... is this..." The emperor cut him off with another wave.
"Yes, Chapter 10 is when it starts getting hard."
The foreigner glanced down at his own crotch.
"Difficult." Said the emperor, irate.
The foreigner sniggered.
"Now go, and do not return until your task is complete."


  1. I'm sick of hearing about this game... jesus.

  2. I'm not sick of writing about biiaaaiaaaiiitchhhes

  3. And where the hell is the new banner... I want sombrero's and spilled corona bottles.

  4. Not in the mood for that bull this evening.

  5. I'm curious Daly, have you done anything else recently apart from play the gaiden and post about it? I'm not trying to be smart or anything I;m just curious what level of effort has been required to get to your current degree of progress through the game.

  6. To be honest I'm taking it a lot handier than I thought I would. I've had it two weeks. I played it for about 8 hours over the weekend I got it. That was a lot. After that I didn't touch it at all that week as I spent most of the time at college/drunk/hungover. Played for a few hours that weekend and a while yesterday. So other than the few days after its release I haven't really played it much at all. That's probably why it seems these Ninja posts are dragging on forever.

    If I had sat down and tried to get through it I'd already be finished it. It's a very short game when you know what you're doing.