Thursday, November 17, 2005

Who do you think you're kidding?

There were only a few Time-Tele-See-O-Matics left in time. Some were consigned to museums in the future. Others were lost to the bottom of tar-pits or deep in the earth's core. Most of the remainder were in the hands of artefact collectors, people searching desperately to find out what they were/are/will be.

But a few remained in the hands of skilled time travellers. These were men and women who could come and go in any era, causing only the tiniest of ripples in the space-time continuum. These few turned and guided the course of history. Trying to do what was best, they moulded the past into a better future.

As with any human endeavour, however, there were times when one or another of these people got it wrong. Or right, but at the wrong time, as the case may be.


  1. For those of us late to the party, I'll refer you to the post entitled "See-O-Matic", located in "The Funk" section of the sidebar. It gives some backround to the Time-Tele-See-O-Matic.

  2. Put a pair of boobies on Hitler for fuck sake. What do you think this is? The History channel?

  3. Fucking good post. I like it. Ol'Hitler could do with some mega boobies though. Or it would be better with Rocky in the background getting ready to lay the hurt on Hitler and his wanna-be cylons.

    It would be sweet if Rocky was holding Hitler up by his dumb moustache and slapping him in the face.

  4. Is that Cannon and Ball in the background?

  5. Just for those not in the know... UTMG.... Daly is in the picket... somewhere... Hitlers Pants... maybe... could explain his smirk...

  6. Hitlers moustache is funnier

    I saw a guy wandering around in town proudly sporting an 'adolf'

    That takes some nerve...