Monday, November 28, 2005

You Can’t Keep A Good Dog Dead

A couple of days ago these boys took a tumble. Their entire blog was deleted ‘under suspicious circumstances’ and they are now in the process of rebuilding. I shed a tear for them and remembered another man who took a tumble and the lesson learned from it.
Was it two thousand years ago now? Has it been so long since our lord and saviour was nailed to a cross and died from it. Not a bone broken in his body, or so the nuns who learned me as a kid dutifully pointed out. What does it matter though, when you are dead?
But he learned his lesson and raised himself up from his tomb, nudie and without crotch-clothes to speak of, and he wandered the streets happy to be alive. Until, that is to say, his father, Our Lord, got sick of looking at him living under an Arab bridge and brought him home. Presumably, it was a bridge that spanned sand.
But I hope it shines a light on your situation, providing peace in a time of loss. I would hate for you to think you are alone in this mess, with so many Irish drunks here missing their fix, though they may not have made it obvious when you still had your history intact.
Knowing me, knowing you friends. I’m happy to see you back.


  1. It was you that done it Rob.

    Don't send me back to Azkaban.

  2. The number of the beast... I like it... yes.

  3. On behalf of myself and the guy studying false tongues of indigenous significance insignificant to my happiness, I thank you for thinking of us during our death.

    Perhaps one day, when I am able to fathom what brought death to our door, I will write without clothes on my body about the significance of it all: the robes, the bare feet, the barbed wire tongue kisses, the goats, the cheese, the goat's cheese (for there was only one goat), the death, the non-existence, the resurrection and all that shit that I didn't fucken understand in between it all.

    Then again, having read what I just wrote, it all sounds uber boring, so I may not.

    All in favour: I.

  4. Jesus is busy with the JIhad wars right now.

    He's a bit of a spoilt brat to be honest.

  5. No, he's a romulan spy, ent to earth to sway the people to follow an evil religion.

    Don't spread that around though.

    It's classified starfleet information