Friday, December 02, 2005

Oh Fuck It.

I can't write for shit today. College raped my body, mind and soul today. Today saw the end of a long, gruelling, infuriating process. I wish I could be more articulate. This is a totally fucking shit post. Maybe I won't even post it....aww fuck it. I can post, I can shout, having the time of my life. See that girl, watch that scene digging the posting queen.

Meehan Amendment:

I will not be posting for a while as I too am fucked. It was revealed to me as I arrived home from college that a friend of the family has died, so now I have a funeral to attend to. Around that funeral I must study for fucking Christmas exams. If Christmas is so great, why do I have exams?
I'm fucking miserable too.
So, don't expect me to post anything, comment on anything or fucking be a nice and reasonable member of society for the next two weeks. After that, I swear I'll fucking post something... probably (and finally) dealing with some taboos.
Signing off. Click.


  1. This took me almost 20 minutes. Fucking FedEx.

  2. You spent 20 minutes fucking Fed-Ex?

    At least you come quicker than they do.

  3. Did they charge much for handling your package?