Tuesday, December 27, 2005

The Quantum Lab

"Good news The Rage," said the senior executive at RageCorp Intergalctics' morning meeting.
"Oh yes?"
"The Quantum Lab has returned."
"From where?"
"Remember the incident a few months ago? With the EnormoGigaBinBag MegaPlus? Well they managed to get out."
"Ah yes. Of course. Well done to them."
"...Well there's an issue now over the replacement lab."
"And that is?"
"The lab that's currently being built to replace the old one is obviously more state of the art. There's some resistance to allowing the old Quantum Lab back to it's previous location."
"Get someone from Temporal Physics to look at it would you... Make it so the new facility was the one that was lost in the EnormoGigaBinBag MegaPlus... and have the old lab retro fitted with future equipment."
"Ok, well in that case the new lab has returned and we're wondering what to do with it now, because it's old hat."
"Just fire the whole lot into a EnormoGigaBinBag MegaPlus, like a good lad. But this time throw a load of bombs in after it, just to make sure."
"Ok, consider it done."

The excecutive stood and began to walk from the room.

"Oh, and book everyone involved in for a BrainSlice later this afternoon," said The Rage.


  1. All in a days work at RageCorp Intergalactic.


    Now Hiring: Production Associates required for our EnormoGigaBinBag MegaPlus production facility on Mars. No experience necessary. Full Training given. Excellent advancement opportunities.

    Now Hiring: Vegetables for our Area 51 body-harvesting operation. No eperience necessary. Lungs in demand.

    Now Hiring: Security Personnel for our new Quantum Lab facility. Immediate placement. Experienced personnel only. The successful candiate must like space/time travel. Ability to disarm bombs would be a distinct disadvantage.

  2. I really like this line of stories... there's a definite straight line thing going on, but it's also clever in a funny way.
    Which is all good and well.

  3. Also, I'll probably and hopefully be throwing up something in about 20 hours if you don't mind. I mean it will be posted on the same day as this post... if that kind of a thing matters to you.

  4. I take back what I said about posting... I may not now... but I still may... but I may not.