Tuesday, January 10, 2006



  1. Sawasdee Tony Jaa. You're the best.

  2. Yeah, I agree, Tony Jaa is brill.

  3. Hey look, I just found this link to our blog...
    It's in a very long post, but our link is in the section right above the nudie Charlize The Ron pic...
    The dude calls us a 'Fun fiction blog'.
    Also, it's from august last year...

  4. He's bang on, for the money. Not much has changed.

    Except my recent posts about Tony Jaa have all been factual.

  5. I couldn't worship this. It's not impressive in the slightest.

    There'd have to be a vagina somewhere.

    Is there a vagina somewhere?

  6. So Daly how many of Tony Jaa's 3 films currently on release have you seen?
    And as Tony Jaa's greatest lover your not putting out much hype over his new movie.

  7. well boys
    how is shit?
    How are exams going daly?
    or do you have any?
    kelly how goes the quiff???
    Rob how goes the pain?

    Anyway i gotta go and barely scrape through another set of exams

  8. Yeah, there's a vagina on his face...not to mention his ass-hole. Who's better Jaa or Bruce Lee?

  9. http://www.chucknorris.com/html/events.aspx
    Look at this

  10. Hey Ian where have you been? I expect you have been building up to a legendary post.
    Fuck you bond leave my hair out of this. And what the hell is toodles Tom supposed to be?
    Rob what have you been saying about Chuck on the internet?

  11. The quickest way to a mans heart is with Chuck Norris's fist.

  12. Once I told Chick Norris that he was a lady-boy. I also used to be a woman.

  13. Don't get fucking smart with me Kellowog. Anyway, he's made more than three films. So get your facts right before you try to get awwwwl up in maah fayce.

    How's Bond. I hope you fail all your exams. Yay.

    Anyway, It's hard to say who'd win in a fight between Bruce Lee and Tony Jaa. I reckon Tony Jaa would knock the shit out of Brucey. It'd be a kick ass fight either way.

  14. Name them?
    Movies he acted in. I can only find 3 out and one in production?

  15. I don't know what three you're talking about. Ong-Bak, The Bodyguard and Tom Yum Goong? He only had a cameo in The Bodyguard. You counting that?

    Anyway, jesus dude, Ong-Bak wasn't the guys first film. He acted in loads of Thai films and TV before that. Give him some credit. The guy's a legend.

    Fuck sake man. Try using Google before you go calling me out next time.

  16. And before you start bleating that I didn't name one, well here's one better - a link:


  17. So on my question "So Daly how many of Tony Jaa's 3 films currently on release have you seen?" The answer is one.
    And as far as I can see although he may have stared in loads of Thai films and TV before that, none are on release on dvd
    Films: Tom yum goong, The bodyguard and Ong-bak
    New Film: Sword.
    Although I do agree that if they release Mission Hunter 2 on DVD the sight of Tony Jaa and Zombies in the same film is noble!

  18. Oh that's amusing, you asked and answered the question. Pointless.

    As for Sword, that's not his next film. It has been announced, but his next (as plans stand at the moment) is currently untitled. I don't know where you're getting your blasted intel. Try Google.

    Also there's around nine other films in which he has played a role (although he doesn't star in them all) that are available on VCD (common in Thailand) and can also be played on DVD.

    Nuk Leng Klong Yao: http://www.ethaicd.com/show.php?pid=19443&asso=1476
    Mue Prab Puen Hode: http://www.ethaicd.com/show.php?pid=19134&asso=1476
    Nuk Kah Win Yarn Hode: http://www.ethaicd.com/show.php?pid=21144&asso=1476

    He starred in these, all playable on DVD players.

  19. Anyway, enough of this. The point is made. Tony has lots of films, but I haven't yet had the chance to see all of them... or very many of them.

    And I'm not going to even bother with his old stuff cos it's bound to be crap.

  20. That's not saying Tony Jaa is crap mind. It's just saying due to factors outside his control, earlier productions he may have acted in may not be of the highest quality. Probably due to other actors, directors, budgets etc.