Sunday, January 01, 2006

Silly Ass Betters Rotund Ass

Me brain contemplate while me mouth eat.
Contemplate such anomalies as ‘good’ and also ‘bad’. Sometimes when me is full and courageous me would contemplate both at the same time.
Mostly me brain hurt burps and forgiveness spills to give up and cover itself in old comfort blanket. But not today, oh no, not whilst me remained strong with ice-cream bucket, me finished me contemplation. Collapsed me did then with head full of wisdom.

Me learned following points:
There is no universal good or bad, like religion propagates. Bad religion.
One cannot be universally good (or bad) because good (and bad) are inventions of society, to protect itself from collapsing.
One must not punch ones mother in face. Bad for society.
Good can be measured, as it is just a point above a certain standard. Bad lies below standard. It is a standard sandwich.
If there be universal goods and universal bads, that would mean there be a universal standard. Some religion refers to this standard as God.
One would be presumptuous to presume there be a God for definite or not, but it would also be silly to think, as humans, we can meet such grand standards.
Thus, the only good and bad there be in reality be that which we create. Though our good and bad be solid quantities. They be very good for their purpose, though not always rigidly applied to. That be bad. Below me standard.
Me learned this.

Ooh, me fingers scream at me. They say: “We hurt mister and pang for ice to soothe our broken nails and bruised bones.” Me will listen to and obey fingers for without, me be lost to cups and saucers and the sensation of hair and lovely skin. Fingers be the road that leads to heaven.


  1. What the fuck is this? You pretending to be Ali G or something? Cos you're making just about as much sense.

  2. Christ, as abstract as this blog tends to get at times I always thought it would at least be an example of correct grammar.

  3. Me unable to... huh... grasp meaning from you words... Me confused... Me thought post worthwhile addition to blog...

  4. How can I lay off it, when my bed is made of it???

  5. Bed made of Crack.

    There's a cradle of filth song if ever i heard it.