Sunday, January 15, 2006

Tri-Centurial – A Horn to Blow

In 297 long days we have posted 300 times, somehow, and I’m proud of most of it. Though I can’t speak for the other two contributors, I am still certain they would agree. Together we have crafted a ‘fun fiction blog’ to quote someone, or a ‘virtual bachelor pad’ to quote someone else. I tend to agree with both.
You see, in our time here, we have dealt with over-the-hill action heroes and hot-off-the-press Thai legends. God appeared on the blog on numerous occasions, so too Hitler and Mr. T. A BIG SPIDER had some adventures, time travel machines malfunctioned, Daly solved an investigation violently and Ian mutated into a hair monster. Meanwhile, I flew around the world with angel wings and my head grew tremendously large. But these are only a small sample of what has been written, which includes rubbish social satire, science fiction, fantasy, self-parody, existentialism, and many declarations of greatness.
Three hundred posts ago, in fact, we declared that the English language would have to be rearranged to accommodate our future work. It was also insinuated that those who read this blog would go through an emotional and mental transference of sorts and be better for it. I can say for certain that neither of these predictions have occurred, as deflating as that is, but we still have spunk in our guns so don’t go discounting us just yet. I still believe there is a lot of great stuff to be written, if time will permit, and that this post just marks a Diner on the highway to the Big City, to Metropolis. I believe, in time, this blog will become something great and memorable, something that we can look back on and just laugh, be embarrassed and proud.
And I hope those who have stuck out with us, the few of you out there, have enjoyed the good and the bad posted here. It all came from a noble place, even if some of the more disturbing pieces seemed like they came from a dark hollow. I honestly hope you want to continue with us as I promise, from the bottom of my heart, that there will be much, much more good and bad to come. And hopefully a little bit of great, just to make it worthwhile. Thanks for reading folks.


  1. I think I'm going to leave the placeholder up...
    So this is 301 in actuality.

  2. Good post this.

    Better than the ususal bull. If someone who hadn't read any of our other stuff came along they may well be fooled.

    I forgot to mention, I was scrolling around on Google the other day when I came across the line "Tony Jaa was born on Krypton, the son of a virgin mother." 'What the fuck?' I was thinking. The whole thing was on Irish Blogs. I was weeping in shame and laughing maniacally at the same time. Sore on the abs that.

  3. Go to Cute Overload and scroll down to "From the desk of: The CI Security Department"

    I actually LOL'd at this one.

  4. I believe the complete reference goes along the lines of a virtual three-tiered bachelor pad to emphasise the fact that there are three origins of three separate fist clenchers from parts unknown whenever one tunes in.

    Still, it's humbling to be quoted, even if by being misquoted I'm actually saying quoted.

    Fucking censors(ship).

    #301 in 297 days, hey? That's as good as any miracle I've witnessed.


  5. Hey man, I checked your site out on that one... the three-tiered bit came before virtual.... boooeeeyyyyyy!

  6. Did you see that Pandog... wow, it's as cute as my morning face.

  7. The Pandog is rubbish. It's a panda, and a dog. Make up your blasted mind Pandog.